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Bug report and Changes


We will list all known and fixed bugs in compact form. Please check this page from time to time to see if the issues were reported. We will keep this page uptodate for all our developers. You can use guiVersion() function to retrieve latest MT4GUI Version. In case you have an outdated version you should get notified from system to update but in rare cases you may also need to update them manually. Use Downloads area to get latest MT4GUI Files.

Reported Bugs

There are bugs we are working to fix. We cannot estimate a processing time but we will fix them as soon as possible and update DLL files. In case a bug is very critical we will notify all developers about latest version.

Severity Description
Low Ticker functions has a flaw by first start of MT4 Terminal. Handle returns 0 and guiLastError returns strange amount.
Medium Backting MT4GUI Files with MT4 seems to have problems. We will fix this asap.
Medium Performance and Resource usage improvements are in progress.

Change Log

Version Changes
  • Added some visual pathes
  • Added guiGetFocusedChart() function
  • Fixed the problem with email addresses they start with digits, now they are also accepted
  • Problem with certain anti-virus software and false detection fixed
  • Implemented new Vendor feature
  • “link” object crash issue fixed
  • Several minor issues fixex
  • guiAppendTextPart() Function introduced
  • guiChangeSymbol function fixed for build >= 625
  • Metatrader4 Builds > 600+ supported
  • Several crashes fixed
  • Several bugfixes
  • Several bugfixes
  • Now we support all Metatrader versions including newest beta ones
  • Faulty expiration message issue has been fixed
  • Crash issues by closing charts have been fixed
  • Major Update
  • Time bar has been removed
  • MT4GUI needs simply user registrations, this way we will be able to inform everyone about upcoming updates and update all our and your clients
  • Speed improvements, now GUI should load faster
  • Some passive functions such as guiCID() and similar are not dependent from guiAdd call anymore. They now act indepedently
  • This is a mandatory update for everyone
  • Several crash reports have been fixed
  • No Description available for older changes