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We have prepared many FAQs for rendering you faster support. Frequently Asked Questions are used to answer the common questions. We recommend you to read them before you request a support. Please note that they change from time to time, we may add new questions or change answers regularly.

General (8)

Can i use MT4GUI with commercial products?

Yes you can do this, you are allowed to use mt4gui.dll with personal or commercial products same way without any restrictions. Feel free to post us your products list we would like to list them in a seperate section. Keep in touch with us!

Is MT4GUI really free?

Yes it will stay free forever. Enjoy it. We have released MT4GUI with full capability after many years and now its available for MT4 community.

How about MT5 Compatibility?

We don’t plan to support MT5 in near future. MT5 has its own framework to build a nice interface. MT4GUI was managed to fill the gap on MT4.

Can i redistribute the files you provide?

Yes you can, the only restriction is that we do not allow you to modify any of our files. You can put our files to your website or email but do not modify them please. We would also like to see some credits about MT4GUI in your posts to forums as thank you for this framework.

Why is MT4GUI Free?

We have developed this product with commercial intention and have sold it long enough in market to “big guys”. Now its time to release it to mainstream. We had so many inquiries about MT4GUI, we know the market is huge for MT4GUI. This product is our commitment to Metatrader4 community. Enjoy it.

I do have old MT4GUI version, can i still use it?

Unfortunetly no, we have revoked all old MT4GUI files. If you run old version, please upgrade to new version. Its possible with simple steps and small programming changes. Generally they are very similar but this version has much more feature. Its not permitted to release products with old version.

Why do you need registration?

We need to register every user of MT4GUI for several reason. Main reason is to be able to offer automatic updates for everyone. In case of bigger bugs we will be able to update everyone automatically. We dont require more then Name and Email for registration. Once a computer has been registered there will be no further registration request. We do log ComputerID, Name, Email of all users to register the product. If user changes computer then new registration will be required. Registrations are completly free and takes only few seconds. A client can register unlimited amount of computers per email address. So its possible to register different computers with same email address.

Do you collect any personal info?

We do _not_ collect any other information about computer nor client. Information we send to our servers is: ComputerID (A hash number which identifies every computer uniquewise), IP. Thats everything we do send in order to check licence. Licence is free. Everyone needs to register, thats the only requirement.

Technical (10)

Can i remove the adbar?

No its not possible Beginning with version 2.2.042 there will be no adbar displayed. This version is completly free and premium level

Can i request a new feature?

Yes you can send us your inquiry to support email but we cannot provide any promise. We want to collect all feature requests and try to implement the popular ones.

Can i rename the dll?

We offer auto version detection & updating, that is why we don’t allow renaming of mt4gui.dll filename. Please always import an mt4gui.dll and deploy the file only as mt4gui.dll. The dll features a native protection and will not work with different name.

Do i need to use mt4gui.mqh file?

No, you may build your own import file. The MQH is a native Include solution offered by MQL Language and its probably the easiest and the fastest way to use the mt4gui.mqh file that we provide. This file will be anyways compiled to .ex4 at the end, you dont need to ship the .mqh file along your projects.

Will MT4GUI work when computer is offline?

Yes it will, it auto detects that the user is offline and it will not cause any trouble.

Does MT4GUI work with MQLLock?

Yes it’s ready to work with MQL Lock protected files. MQL Lock protected files will not display any advertising bar. MQL Lock users are premium clients and will use MT4GUI in Premium edition.

Is MT4GUI Protected?

Yes it is protected thoroughly with the latest technology. We do not recommend you to try to modify our DLL. It’s a crime to modify our DLL Files and we will follow every single case.

Is MT4GUI Compatible with Indicators?

Yes it supports Expert Advisors and Indicators. There is technically no difference from MT4GUI perspective. There is an issue in MQL which is not MT4GUI related. If you have an Indicator and restart Metatrader Terminal, then WindowHandle (hwnd) returns 0 until MT4 has connected to broker. By an EA the WindowHandle does not return 0, it returns valid value. This is a MQL flaw and has nothing todo with MT4GUI. But since MT4GUI is a WindowHandle dependent product its essential for you to know this flaw and how to avoid it. You have to make sure that you call MT4GUI Functions as soon WindowHandle gets >0. Otherwise MT4GUI will return invalid reply and your GUI will not be drawn.

Does MT4GUI flicker?

Not anymore, very primitive & old version of MT4GUI was flickering. This version has solved this problem long time ago.

My version crashes, what can i do?

Most common reason of crash is: not reading or understanding how MT4GUI works. You can do many mistakes while programming with such a high technology product like MT4GUI is. Please search the problem in your code first. If you can replicate a crash with one of our ready codes then you may report it to us using email. Its very important to report the crash very detailed. Make sure you always mention your name, operating system, mt4gui version and try to attach a demonstration code or video to your email. We will fix every case within shortest time.

Premium (1)

Do you provide a premium version of MT4GUI?

No we dont offer premium version anymore because current implementation of MT4GUI is premium level. This means there is no restrictions for you to use MT4GUI with all features.

Vendor Panel (4)

I dont see all my clients in my vendor panel, what is wrong?

It is important to understand our first-come-first-serve princip. If a computer was tagged from an vendor apikey earlier than you did, then this client wont show in your list. This client will be displayed only to first vendor who has tagged. Please understand that this function is available since 2.6. This means: all previously tagged clients were tagged as unknown and you will see only brand new clients in your list. Even your own registration might now show up in your own list, this is because you were probably registered previously and tagged as unknown. We recommend you to use this function and keep building a solid client base.

how secret is apikey ?

We recommend you to keep this apikey secret because with same key, you will be able to login to vendor panel. Never share .mq4 file where people can read your apikey. Always share .ex4. .ex4 is a binary version and noone can read your key inside it. If you need more protection consider using our product, mqllock.

can i change my apikey?

Currently we dont, please contact us via email, why you would like to change your apikey. Once you change the apikey, all your .ex4 files with old key wont go into your account. Since it is very hard to update all your installed clients, we recommend you to signup for new api key and start using that one.

should i registered seperate auth key for seperate projects?

This is up-to-you. You can either use same apikey to collect all data into 1 single database or apply for new one for new projects to have them listed seperately.

Support (3)

Do you provide end-client support?

No we dont, MT4GUI is a free GUI library which will be provided to all developers. We want that MT4 gets more features and provide this free library. We want to give support only to developers and not to their clients. If you have any support inquiry about a product made with MT4GUI, please contact developer of this product. We cannot help you. Thank you for understanding.

Can i get support?

We do offer support, but only via email. Important: we have made a site with lots of information to make sure that you understand every detail related to MT4GUI. Please read all FAQs, Instructions and Documentation before you contact our support team. Please give our time a reasonable time to respond.

How do i get support?

Please email us at support@fx1.net and make sure you explain your concerns in detail. MT4GUI is complicated project and we would like to see your code or parts from your code to be able to answer your questions.