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We have prepared many FAQs for rendering you faster support. Frequently Asked Questions are used to answer the common questions. We recommend you to read them before you request a support. Please note that they change from time to time, we may add new questions or change answers regularly.


Can i use MT4GUI with commercial products?

Yes you can do this, you are allowed to use mt4gui.dll with personal or commercial products same way without any restrictions. Feel free to post us your products list we would like to list them in a seperate section. Keep in touch with us!

Is MT4GUI really free?

Yes it will stay free forever. Enjoy it. We have released MT4GUI with full capability after many years and now its available for MT4 community.

How about MT5 Compatibility?

We don’t plan to support MT5 in near future. MT5 has its own framework to build a nice interface. MT4GUI was managed to fill the gap on MT4.

Can i redistribute the files you provide?

Yes you can, the only restriction is that we do not allow you to modify any of our files. You can put our files to your website or email but do not modify them please. We would also like to see some credits about MT4GUI in your posts to forums as thank you for this framework.

Why is MT4GUI Free?

We have developed this product with commercial intention and have sold it long enough in market to “big guys”. Now its time to release it to mainstream. We had so many inquiries about MT4GUI, we know the market is huge for MT4GUI. This product is our commitment to Metatrader4 community. Enjoy it.

I do have old MT4GUI version, can i still use it?

Unfortunetly no, we have revoked all old MT4GUI files. If you run old version, please upgrade to new version. Its possible with simple steps and small programming changes. Generally they are very similar but this version has much more feature. Its not permitted to release products with old version.

Why do you need registration?

We need to register every user of MT4GUI for several reason. Main reason is to be able to offer automatic updates for everyone. In case of bigger bugs we will be able to update everyone automatically. We dont require more then Name and Email for registration. Once a computer has been registered there will be no further registration request. We do log ComputerID, Name, Email of all users to register the product. If user changes computer then new registration will be required. Registrations are completly free and takes only few seconds. A client can register unlimited amount of computers per email address. So its possible to register different computers with same email address.

Do you collect any personal info?

We do _not_ collect any other information about computer nor client. Information we send to our servers is: ComputerID (A hash number which identifies every computer uniquewise), IP. Thats everything we do send in order to check licence. Licence is free. Everyone needs to register, thats the only requirement.