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We have prepared many FAQs for rendering you faster support. Frequently Asked Questions are used to answer the common questions. We recommend you to read them before you request a support. Please note that they change from time to time, we may add new questions or change answers regularly.


Do you provide end-client support?

No we dont, MT4GUI is a free GUI library which will be provided to all developers. We want that MT4 gets more features and provide this free library. We want to give support only to developers and not to their clients. If you have any support inquiry about a product made with MT4GUI, please contact developer of this product. We cannot help you. Thank you for understanding.

Can i get support?

We do offer support, but only via email. Important: we have made a site with lots of information to make sure that you understand every detail related to MT4GUI. Please read all FAQs, Instructions and Documentation before you contact our support team. Please give our time a reasonable time to respond.

How do i get support?

Please email us at support@fx1.net and make sure you explain your concerns in detail. MT4GUI is complicated project and we would like to see your code or parts from your code to be able to answer your questions.