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We have prepared many FAQs for rendering you faster support. Frequently Asked Questions are used to answer the common questions. We recommend you to read them before you request a support. Please note that they change from time to time, we may add new questions or change answers regularly.


Can i remove the adbar?

No its not possible Beginning with version 2.2.042 there will be no adbar displayed. This version is completly free and premium level

Can i request a new feature?

Yes you can send us your inquiry to support email but we cannot provide any promise. We want to collect all feature requests and try to implement the popular ones.

Can i rename the dll?

We offer auto version detection & updating, that is why we don’t allow renaming of mt4gui.dll filename. Please always import an mt4gui.dll and deploy the file only as mt4gui.dll. The dll features a native protection and will not work with different name.

Do i need to use mt4gui.mqh file?

No, you may build your own import file. The MQH is a native Include solution offered by MQL Language and its probably the easiest and the fastest way to use the mt4gui.mqh file that we provide. This file will be anyways compiled to .ex4 at the end, you dont need to ship the .mqh file along your projects.

Will MT4GUI work when computer is offline?

Yes it will, it auto detects that the user is offline and it will not cause any trouble.

Does MT4GUI work with MQLLock?

Yes it’s ready to work with MQL Lock protected files. MQL Lock protected files will not display any advertising bar. MQL Lock users are premium clients and will use MT4GUI in Premium edition.

Is MT4GUI Protected?

Yes it is protected thoroughly with the latest technology. We do not recommend you to try to modify our DLL. It’s a crime to modify our DLL Files and we will follow every single case.

Is MT4GUI Compatible with Indicators?

Yes it supports Expert Advisors and Indicators. There is technically no difference from MT4GUI perspective. There is an issue in MQL which is not MT4GUI related. If you have an Indicator and restart Metatrader Terminal, then WindowHandle (hwnd) returns 0 until MT4 has connected to broker. By an EA the WindowHandle does not return 0, it returns valid value. This is a MQL flaw and has nothing todo with MT4GUI. But since MT4GUI is a WindowHandle dependent product its essential for you to know this flaw and how to avoid it. You have to make sure that you call MT4GUI Functions as soon WindowHandle gets >0. Otherwise MT4GUI will return invalid reply and your GUI will not be drawn.

Does MT4GUI flicker?

Not anymore, very primitive & old version of MT4GUI was flickering. This version has solved this problem long time ago.

My version crashes, what can i do?

Most common reason of crash is: not reading or understanding how MT4GUI works. You can do many mistakes while programming with such a high technology product like MT4GUI is. Please search the problem in your code first. If you can replicate a crash with one of our ready codes then you may report it to us using email. Its very important to report the crash very detailed. Make sure you always mention your name, operating system, mt4gui version and try to attach a demonstration code or video to your email. We will fix every case within shortest time.