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We have prepared many FAQs for rendering you faster support. Frequently Asked Questions are used to answer the common questions. We recommend you to read them before you request a support. Please note that they change from time to time, we may add new questions or change answers regularly.

Vendor Panel

I dont see all my clients in my vendor panel, what is wrong?

It is important to understand our first-come-first-serve princip. If a computer was tagged from an vendor apikey earlier than you did, then this client wont show in your list. This client will be displayed only to first vendor who has tagged. Please understand that this function is available since 2.6. This means: all previously tagged clients were tagged as unknown and you will see only brand new clients in your list. Even your own registration might now show up in your own list, this is because you were probably registered previously and tagged as unknown. We recommend you to use this function and keep building a solid client base.

how secret is apikey ?

We recommend you to keep this apikey secret because with same key, you will be able to login to vendor panel. Never share .mq4 file where people can read your apikey. Always share .ex4. .ex4 is a binary version and noone can read your key inside it. If you need more protection consider using our product, mqllock.

can i change my apikey?

Currently we dont, please contact us via email, why you would like to change your apikey. Once you change the apikey, all your .ex4 files with old key wont go into your account. Since it is very hard to update all your installed clients, we recommend you to signup for new api key and start using that one.

should i registered seperate auth key for seperate projects?

This is up-to-you. You can either use same apikey to collect all data into 1 single database or apply for new one for new projects to have them listed seperately.