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DAY3: Simple EA Login Manager


Welcome to Blog No 3 in this miniseries of 10 daily blogs in which I will exploit MT4GUIs functionalities.

I hope you find it both interesting as well as valuable!


Thommy Tikka

DAY3: Objective

Does your family & friends use your computer now and then?
Afraid that they will start your EA without knowing how to handle it?
Don’t be, with this piece of code you are the only one allowed to start it!

DAY3: Functions covered


  • MT4GUI labels (build a login panel with labels)
  • MT4GUI textfield (to be able to manually type a username & password)
  • MT4GUI button (Login, exit and move panel buttons on MT4 chart)
  • MT4GUI terminal function (get chart width and height for default GUI positioning)
  • Look and feel (Size, color, positioning etc of GUI objects)
  • MT4 (MQL4) & Windows

  • Windows dll call (used for exit EA from within code (advanced))
  • Alert (pop-up box confirming user actions)

    // mt4gui-SimpleEALogin.mq4
    // Created by Thommy Tikka ( 
    // Version 0.1, 20130403
    // Include library file with common functions for mt4gui
    #include <mt4gui.mqh>
    // Include library and import dll to be able to remove EA from chart automatically (advanced)
    #include <WinUser32.mqh>
    #import "user32.dll"
    int GetAncestor(int, int);
    // Declare global variables
    int hwnd = 0;
    int loginBtn, exitBtn;
    int moveUpBtn, moveRightBtn, moveDownBtn, moveLeftBtn;
    int loginHeader, loginPanel;
    int usernameTextField, passwordTextField;
    int gUIXPosition, gUIYPosition;
    int authenticationFail=0;
    // User credentials (fill in the ones you want to use)
    string username = "Administrator",
           password = "Password";
    // MT4 function called during the module initialization
    int init()
    	hwnd = WindowHandle(Symbol(),Period());	
       // Measures chart width and height and sets default GUI X/Y-positions to center of the chart
       gUIXPosition = guiGetChartWidth(hwnd)/2-90;
       gUIYPosition = guiGetChartHeight(hwnd)/2-85;
       // Add interface with panel and buttons to chart function call
    // MT4 function called during deinitialization of the module
    int deinit()
       // Very important to cleanup and remove all gui items from chart
       if (hwnd>0) guiRemoveAll(hwnd);   	
    // MT4 function called on every MT4 tick
    int start()
       // Call function ManageEvents on every MT4 tick
    // MT4GUI functions to capture Menu & Button Events
    void ManageEvents()
    	// If exitBtn is clicked execute function ExitEA()
    	if (guiIsClicked(hwnd,exitBtn)) ExitEA();
    	// If loginBtn is clicked execute function LoginEA()
    	if (guiIsClicked(hwnd,loginBtn)) LoginEA();
    	// If moveBtns are clicked change the default X/Y coordinates accordingly (Remove all objects and rebuild interface)
    	if (guiIsClicked(hwnd,moveUpBtn)) {gUIYPosition = gUIYPosition-10; guiRemoveAll(hwnd); BuildInterface();}
       if (guiIsClicked(hwnd,moveRightBtn)) {gUIXPosition = gUIXPosition+10; guiRemoveAll(hwnd); BuildInterface();}
       if (guiIsClicked(hwnd,moveDownBtn)) {gUIYPosition = gUIYPosition+10; guiRemoveAll(hwnd); BuildInterface();}
       if (guiIsClicked(hwnd,moveLeftBtn)) {gUIXPosition = gUIXPosition-10; guiRemoveAll(hwnd); BuildInterface();}
    // MT4GUI functions to build Interface with labels, buttons & textfields
    void BuildInterface()
       // Build Login panel (labels) and set look and feel for it
     	loginHeader  = guiAdd(hwnd,"label",gUIXPosition,gUIYPosition,180,20,"Please login:");  
    	loginPanel   = guiAdd(hwnd,"label",gUIXPosition,gUIYPosition+20,180,150,""); 	
       // Create buttons, Login & exit and set look and feel for them
    	loginBtn = guiAdd(hwnd,"button",gUIXPosition+100,gUIYPosition+110,70,40,""); 
    	guiSetBgColor(hwnd,loginBtn, Blue);
    	guiSetText(hwnd,loginBtn,"Login",25,"Arial Bold");
       exitBtn = guiAdd(hwnd,"button",gUIXPosition+10,gUIYPosition+110,70,40,""); 
    	guiSetText(hwnd,exitBtn,"Exit",25,"Arial Bold");
       // Create four arrow buttons, for move panel
       moveUpBtn = guiAdd(hwnd,"button",gUIXPosition+80,gUIYPosition-20,20,20,""); 
    	moveRightBtn = guiAdd(hwnd,"button",gUIXPosition+180,gUIYPosition+80,20,20,""); 
    	moveDownBtn = guiAdd(hwnd,"button",gUIXPosition+80,gUIYPosition+170,20,20,""); 
    	moveLeftBtn = guiAdd(hwnd,"button",gUIXPosition-20,gUIYPosition+80,20,20,""); 
    	//Add a username and password text field for manual input using user adjustable X/Y-position (size fixed to 150x20)
    	usernameTextField = guiAdd(hwnd,"text",gUIXPosition+10,gUIYPosition+40,160,20,"Username");	
       passwordTextField = guiAdd(hwnd,"text",gUIXPosition+10,gUIYPosition+70,160,20,"Password");
    // Windows/MT4 function to exit EA (advanced)
    void ExitEA()
       Alert ("This exits your EA");
            int hWnd = WindowHandle(Symbol(), Period());
            #define MT4_WMCMD_REMOVE_EXPERT   33050 /* Remove expert advisor from chart */ 
            PostMessageA(hWnd, WM_COMMAND, MT4_WMCMD_REMOVE_EXPERT, 0);
    // MT4GUI function check textfields (username & password), MT4 pop-up alerts
    void LoginEA()
       //Check that Username and password are correct
       if (guiGetText(hwnd,usernameTextField)==username && guiGetText(hwnd,passwordTextField)==password)
       {Alert ("Authorization successful (call your own function for continuation of EA execution)");guiRemoveAll(hwnd);authenticationFail=0;}
       else if (authenticationFail==0)
       {Alert ("Authorization failed, please try again (you have 2 of 2 retries left)"); authenticationFail++;}
       else if (authenticationFail==1)
       {Alert ("Authorization failed, please try again (you have 1 of 2 retries left)"); authenticationFail++;}
       else if (authenticationFail==2)
       {Alert ("Authentication failed 3 times, this blocks your login"); guiEnable (hwnd, loginBtn,0);}


    Thats all folks!

    Tomorrow I will show you how you can use MT4-Terminal/chart functions with MT4GUI.

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    I´m german, and Mr. Google says: Hi Thommy, You've created many very nice applications. Unfortunately I am not a programmer, but I would still like to try it. After all, I have a very "simple" task? I would like a button in the chart with changing functions: "Start" (green) of the EA can be turned on, then "Stop" (red) of the EA can be turned off. Which existing code I might build. For a hint / help I would be very grateful. I wish a nice day.
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